General Insurance

Email Stephens Technology Group The Information Architecture ExpertsStephens Technology Group brings talented people with specialized skillsets to provide information architecture services to the insurance industry. Services we provide to the insurance industry include:

  • Incorporating both internal and external data (i.e. information on competitors and the insurance industry trends)
  • Forecast and monitor changes in the industry thereby allowing better positioning in the marketplace
  • Identify characteristics of profitable business
  • Analyze information related to retention of business at renewal including patterns of customers who do not renew, determine reasons why, and resolve issues that will assist in retaining valued clients.
  • Accurate, consolidated view of customer portfolios
  • Analysis of profitability by customer, product, geography, and sales hierarchy
  • Analysis of sales offices for profit and loss
  • Analysis of quality of new business
  • Premium uplift
  • Early-term claims by zip code
  • Direct response analysis – customer responds to a coupon offer
  • Survival modeling – how long a customer will stay with you