Health Care

hl7-4Stephens Technology Group has a vested interest in the Health Care industry... it's a huge part of our core. We don't claim to be all things to all markets just to improve our bottom line. We have and will continue to focus our efforts on our core competencies so that we can continue to bring you specialized attention, in a timely manner, at industry leading rates.

Services that we provide to the health care industry include:

  • Pairing clinical to financial records to determine cost effectiveness of care
  • Contract Management
  • Financial analysis
  • Data mining to identify data patterns that could predict future individual health problems
  • Data mining to identify patients who probably won't respond well to specific procedures and operations
  • Discover “best practices” to improve quality and reduce costs
  • Analysis of care delivery
  • Research (prescribing patterns, use of antibiotics)
  • Physician performance
  • Resource utilization
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Sell data to medical suppliers (pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers)
  • Information for bids on managed care contracts
  • Information to support audits and external reports
  • Disease state support (cardiovascular, end-stage renal, etc.)
  • Patient safety tracking
  • Identify medical errors and injuries
  • Identifying quality indicators for best practices
  • Preventing hospital complications
  • Identifying medical errors and injuries