Pharmaceutical Industry

Visit Stephens Technology Group The Information Architecture ExpertsThe pharmaceutical industry is an obvious synergy to the healthcare industry.  Stephens Technology Group maintain  focus within the pharmaceutical industry by providing highly qualified professionals to assist clients in all areas of data architecture and software development.

Services that we bring to the table include:

  • Market share analysis
  • Disease management
  • Competitive analysis
  • Plans for new drugs
  • Outcomes analysis
  • Doctor analysis

Stephens Technology Group further provides the pharmaceutical industry with:

  • Helping customers save money
  • Encourage appropriate drug use by assessing member’s Rx history
  • Help support and simplify HIPAA compliance
  • Pushing the competition
  • Audit trail on patient healthcare data
  • Data consistency for reporting, customer service, billing and member communication
  • Consolidated claims systems
  • Optimal channel usage (retail, home delivery, internet ordering)
  • Generic drug usage
  • Optimizing communication with patients impacting mortality and morbidity
  • Checking adverse reaction and contraindication possibilities
  • Integrating with medical data to explore altering therapies
  • Enterprise-wide, single view of members
  • Regulatory compliance